Spotlight - Alpha Delta Colony

On February 20, 2012, fourteen men came together to bring about a new dimension to both Delta Epsilon Psi and the Greek life at The College of New Jersey. Alpha Delta Colony was founded with the vision of an infrastructure that would both motivate and challenge individuals in order to build them into leaders who enhanced their communities’ educational, interpersonal, and professional success. As the first South Asian Greek organization on campus, these men knew they could set new precedents for South Asian males on the campus and in the community, even break long-standing boundaries previously created for them, by empowering brotherhood, discipline, and commitment as a call to action.

The brothers of Alpha Delta Colony have always been dedicated towards making a difference on their campus. Their passion towards betterment translated into being leaders not only on campus, but also in the local community. Relationships were forged and understanding was gained from the selfless hours of community service at places such as the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen, Ewing Disability Home, Hedgepeth Williams School, Kensington Soup Kitchen, and the Trenton Chapter of Habitat for Humanity. These endeavors proved to be pivotal in shaping the brothers’ desire to do more for the Trenton community and in stimulating their ambitions for future goals.

The call to action began with bringing a unique service event to The College of New Jersey that enabled the Alpha Delta Colony to not only give back to the community, but also to unify campus organizations. Project Come Together, the first of its kind for any chapter of Delta Epsilon Psi outside of UTA, brought nearly 200 inner-city Trenton youth and almost 20 different campus organizations together for one large day of educational encouragement. The brothers hope that the renewed passion for higher education in the youth who attended will catalyze an improved educational disposition in the Trenton schooling system. Later, the brothers of Alpha Delta Colony displayed their respect for the global community by proudly throwing their first signature event - Sugar Spike Off. This volleyball tournament gave campus students an opportunity to have fun while contributing to future research for Type 1 Diabetes. Along with these successful events, Alpha Delta Colony was also able to raise and donate $1,500 to JDRF. Finally, the colony warmly welcomed the newest members of the fraternity in an unveiling ceremony. As the Greek community gathered together for the ceremony, they witnessed the newest truly passionate leaders in society and got a glimpse into the future of Alpha Delta Colony.

Growing into its second year as a proud colony of Delta Epsilon Psi, there is no doubt that new heights will be reached and past records will be broken. With a clear understanding of their priorities and responsibilities, the brothers of Alpha Delta Colony aim to exemplify what it means to be Greek on campus through furthering the cultivation of teamwork, the fostering of relationships, and the inspiration of passion. The colony sees its success not only through the improvement of its own events and the service in the Trenton community, but also through a cooperative dedication to the entire Northeast region. Alpha Delta Colony sees its growing role on the regional level as an indicator of the inextricable link between all chapters of Delta Epsilon Psi. The colony will catalyze regional growth by first hosting an annual regional brotherhood barbeque and later by introducing several new signature events to the national Delta Epsilon Psi repertoire.

Alpha Delta Colony is well underway in setting a legacy and framework for future brothers to build off. It is through this framework that we will see improvements fraternally, communally, regionally, and nationally. By leaving behind the mark of professionalism, passion, and respect, the brothers of Alpha Delta Colony wish to see a whole new generation of leaders in the near future.