Happy 14 Year Anniversary

It is with great pleasure that we wish each of you, our active members and esteemed alumni, a happy fourteen year anniversary on the founding of our fraternal brotherhood. It was fourteen years ago today that our founders came together to create an organization that would give South Asian males a unified voice through service and the adherence to our unifying pillars: brotherhood, discipline, and commitment.

As we reflect upon that day over a decade ago, we should remember that the goals set forth by these men were not simply empty words or incomprehensible goals; rather they are ideals to be strived for by each of our members on a daily basis. Each of us, whether we are active members or alumni, can continue to stand by our pillars and serve our families, schools, communities, and fraternity in an effort to promote South Asian awareness and unity.

Over the last fourteen years we have had many successes as a fraternity. We have succeeded in both social and service endeavors and have become a model organization in many ways. In fact, we are unequivocally the largest and still fastest growing South Asian Fraternity in the nation comprised of 31 Chapters and Colonies. This feat was not accomplished by mere chance or luck, but by the hard work of each and every brother across the nation. Today, we celebrate our successes as individuals, as colonies and chapters, and more importantly as a brotherhood.  At the same time, we must remember that like any entity, we have made mistakes and had pitfalls along the way; but that as individuals and as an organization we continue to learn from these mistakes in an effort to improve ourselves, our fraternity, and our community. As we move forward into uncharted waters, we must heed the sum total of our experiences and act with the knowledge that we will face the challenges and opportunities of the future as a unified body.

The future of Delta Epsilon Psi is indeed bright.  In the past few years we have undergone rapid expansion phase, increased our presence in the South Asian and local communities, bested obstacles, challenged societal norms and created an atmosphere of unity all while adhering to our pillars. This past year alone, we surpassed our goals and documented over 17,000 service hours nationwide and donated over $41,000 to our philanthropy, Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. At the same time, we have worked rigorously to implement a strong national internal structure to maintain the high standards expected of members of Delta Epsilon Psi.  Great thanks must be given to both our active members and alumni who have worked tirelessly in this effort.  By working on two fronts, expansion and internal development, we have solidified a strong national presence and have become the premiere South Asian fraternity in the nation. Today, we ask each of you to continue in those efforts to ensure that the future of Delta Epsilon Psi remains bright.

Eighteen men became many, one city became a nation, one moment became fourteen years; yet our three pillars remain unchanged and our vision true. Gentlemen, take a moment today to enjoy the successes of our fraternity and remember the hard work that has taken place to achieve our goals, and then take a deep breath, because our journey is just beginning. As we celebrate this historic moment, let us offset that with a re-commitment to our fraternity; to commit ourselves again to strive for our ideals. Let us commit to preparing the fraternity for a future beyond our wildest dreams, where we allow men of similar pursuit and passion an opportunity of a lifetime, where we can continue to transcend against the traditional norms, and where we become the most recognized and distinguished organization in the nation around the globe.

On behalf of the National Council we would like to thank each and every brother nationwide, it is through your hard work, determination, and altruistic sacrifice that has made our organization what it is today.