Psi Colony Officially Recognized

On March 20th 2010, six dedicated men came together to have their voices heard at Kean University; together they formed Psi Colony of Delta Epsilon Psi. Kean University is an extremely diverse campus with an assorted range of Greek Life. The idea of introducing Delta Epsilon Psi, a South Asian Fraternity, to a University where there was minimal South Asian influence, felt like an impossible task.

Knowing that Delta Epsilon Psi would be the first of its kind on campus, these six individuals wanted to prove, not just to themselves but everyone around them, that they were fully capable of making a name for themselves and were determined to overcome any obstacles that stood in their way. Each individual knew it was going to be a tough challenge making his way to the top under the spotlight yet they were focused. These individuals knew that it was going take time, determination, and dedication to get to a place in which they would be seen and heard. They overcame many obstacles that were thrown their way with hours of hard work and perseverance. Since day one, the three pillars: Brotherhood, Discipline and Commitment have been instilled into these individuals and are still their inspiration. These individuals still use the three pillars as motivation to succeed in their day-to-day lives.

Later on with the addition of another six men, Psi Colony really started to shape together which allowed the brothers to make an impact on the way people perceived the South Asian Community. Since Kean University is such a diverse campus, having more numbers helped spread the word about what Delta Epsilon Psi is about.  The brothers of Psi Colony are striving to give back to the community and are committed to making a difference on campus. The brothers of Psi Colony have sacrificed anything that stood in their way of volunteering; they’ve helped raise money for both the American Cancer Society and Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Psi Colony’s goal is to raise $3,000 this fall semester by means of various events on campus and work in the community.

Psi Colony has made sure there voices have already been heard on the campus of Kean University. They have done numerous blood drives and seminars with other Greek organizations on campus but also plan to do their own events on campus this semester. They without a doubt will continue to show leadership and exemplify it not only on campus, but in the community as well.