Happy 15 Year Anniversary!

The National Council of Delta Epsilon Psi would like to congratulate each and every one of you as we celebrate the Fifteen Year Anniversary of Delta Epsilon Psi Fraternity, Inc.  It is amazing to look back and reflect on the tremendous growth and development that this fraternity has undergone over the last fifteen years.

National Convention 2013 & 15 Year Anniversary in Austin, TX

It is that time of the year: National Convention 2013 is here and even bigger than last year!

Alpha Theta Colony Officially Recognized

In the Spring of 2012 in the small town of Old Westbury, NY a dynamic unit of 5 men came together to embark on the establishment of the Alpha Theta Colony of Delta Epsilon Psi Fraternity Inc. With the vision of making New York Institute of Technology a well-known university and breaking the cliché Greek-life stereotype, a group of five men came together in order to bring the change that was much needed. A shared set of ideals amongst these individuals brought them together as one, leading them to Delta Epsilon Psi.

Resilience: Rest In Peace Jaynish Patel

I never thought this day would come to be honest. I still see that pride in those bright eyes when his name was called upon. "#28, Jaynish Patel, Brother Ironman." The most symbolic part of that name was the iron will Jaynish maintained throughout his final days in this world. Though cancer slowly conquered his body, his mind persevered and granted him a few more days to be around those who cared for him. During those last few days, I had a chance to reflect on the times that we had together. Five years wasn't enough, but I'm blessed to admit that some memories will be permanently forged in my heart.

Alpha Eta Colony Officially Recognized

Binghamton, New York -- A city that is hundreds of miles away from the typical vision of the Metropolitan Manhattan in New York that comes to mind when most hear of the state. Yet in this city, lie one of the largest, most diverse, and most academically acclaimed State Universities of New York – SUNY Binghamton University. Binghamton University has served as the origin of a multitude of Greek Organizations, and not to mention the origin of South Asian Greek Life in this nation’s history.