With guidance from our three pillars, Brotherhood, Discipline, and Commitment, Delta Epsilon Psi has experienced tremendous amount of success in our short history and has reached numerous milestones. In its twelve years existence, Delta Epsilon Psi has accomplished more in their community then many fraternities accomplish throughout their existence. Delta Epsilon Psi has gained many strides in there short history from distinct service events all the way to promoting South Asian representation on campus.

“Quality over Quantity” is something that has been established in Delta Epsilon Psi from the beginning. Delta Epsilon Psi averages 20 actives per chapter; however this fraternity accomplishes the equivalent to fraternities with over 80 members on the same campus. This hard work and dedication to service is one of the primary reasons why Delta Epsilon Psi is recognized widely throughout the United States as an extremely dedicated fraternity.

Each year it gets harder and harder for a fraternity to strive for excellence, but Delta Epsilon Psi has taken it upon themselves to grow and adapt every year. With intelligent and creative members, Delta Epsilon Psi constantly creates new ideas to better the community. When looking below and viewing some of the many accomplishments and milestones Delta Epsilon Psi has reached over the years one must ask themselves two questions: How old is Delta Epsilon Psi? And how big are they compared to other fraternities? These questions are important, because at a relativity young age (in fraternity years) Delta Epsilon Psi’s achievements are well beyond its years.

Below you will observe just a glimpse of what this great brotherhood has accomplished on campus and in the surrounding community:

  • Delta Epsilon Psi is the nation’s largest and fasting growing South Asian Fraternity in the nation with over 1200 brothers and 17 chapters/colonies across the nation.
  • Delta Epsilon Psi is a national partner with the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation since February 2011. We are the only Greek organization that is recognized as its official partners.
  • Nationally recognized by the North American Interfraternity Council (NIC) since April 2011
  • Sugar Free Bowl, a charity flag football tournament, was established at our Founding Chapter at the University of Texas at Austin in 2000.  Teams at their respective universities and local communities come out and play football while proceeds from the event are donated to JDRF. Over the past 2 years, the Founding Chapter has donated over $73,000.
  • Through the nation, Delta Epsilon Psi organized many signature service events such as Sugar Spike Off (Volleyball Tournament), Dodging Diabetes (Dodgeball tournament), Who’s Got Game  (Basketball Tournament) and our JDRF Week. These events are all organized to raise money and promote awareness for our philanthropy: JDRF.
  • The Nu Colony at the University of Miami established Operation L.I.O.N, which stands for Leading and Inspiring Outside our Nation.  The service initiative consists of brothers raising money and articles of need for third world countries, and making a trip in conjunction with Project Medishare at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. From 2009 to 2011, Nu Colony has raised over $3000 for this service initiative and made two trips to Haiti with the University of Miami School of Medicine.
  • The Founding Chapter at the University of Texas at Austin hosts the largest single day of service on campus: Project Come Together. Project Come Together is an all day carnival in which thousands of elementary school students come to the UT campus to understand the importance of education
  • Annually hosts the Festival of India through various cities in Texas.  Recognized as the largest Indian cultural festival in Texas by any origination. Festival of India is a weekend full of events such as Talent Shows, Concerts, Basketball Tournament, in order to promote South Asian cultural awareness.