Are you interested in becoming a leader in your community and school? Do you want to join an expansive alumni network? What about being a part of a strong brotherhood? Then come check out Delta Epsilon Psi, National South Asian Fraternity incorporated, the largest and fastest growing South Asian based fraternity in the United States.

Delta Epsilon Psi was created on the founding principles of Brotherhood, Discipline, and Commitment. Since its establishment in 1998, these principles have guided the fraternity to creating young men who become the leaders of the future. It was the vision of our Founding Fathers to spread these principles to the young men across the nation in hopes to build a strong brotherhood that unites men of all cultures, religions and backgrounds. With determination and hard work, this fraternity has spread that brotherhood to young collegiate men from all over the nation.

So why chose Delta Epsilon Psi as the fraternity for your campus? Here are just a few quick keynotes on why DEPsi is the right choice for you:

  • The largest South Asian brotherhood in the Nation
  • Strong Alumni Network for post-graduation assistance
  • Commitment to community service
  • Cultural Awareness for Men of all diversities
  • Leaders in Greek and Student Organizations on campus
  • Academic Excellence

Across the nation more and more men have joined this brotherhood to become leaders. Take a moment and look into the world of Delta Epsilon Psi. We look forward to welcoming you into our Brotherhood. Click here to contact us.